6 Reasons Home made food service providers should have website for business

If you are delivering Home Made Food to Corporate/People
If you are Chef or who delivers Home made delicious food to People who can’t make their own food or delivering parcels to Corporate Offices or Office Goers then you should definately have a website.
Reasons to have a website
1) Firstly you can daily post your Menu or items which you provide
2) You can get new customers online
3) It helps in referring easily: Suppose some of people have already experienced your tasty food. So the next thing they will be doing is refer to their friends and family members. So having a website they can easily share the link. With this you can get more business.
4) It helps in finding to Food companies like Foodpanda, Swiggy: Now a days many online food delivery services are there online which are indirectly helping your business grow. So having a website can get more business directly or indirectly.
5) It helps in locating your address: Having a contact form and map location can easily help people find your business and get more customers.This feature cannot be done by food delivery services.
6) Sharing will be easy on social media:Now a days social media is growing huge and sharing on social media helps grow your business. So have social pages on your website and get more shares.
More shares = More Business
How to grow your business as a Motivational Speaker, Trainer- SLASHMONK WEB DESIGNING COMPANY IN HYDERABAD

7 Reasons every Motivational Speaker should have a website for their business

If you are a motivational speaker and not having a website is something where you are losing a huge business online. Now a days, everyone is preferring to search online rather than offline. So if your business is not found then you are indirectly losing your business.

Reasons to have a website:

1) You can sell your services like Pdfs, Videos and Stuff online by using online services like Instamojo to sell digital stuff like pdf or any training course.
2) It helps in building trust to your clients that you are genuine
3) It helps in building reputation
4) Whenever you attend any business events related to your business you can share the website link
5) Helps in branding through business cards
6) Showcasing your clients to whom you have trained as a portfolio
7) To share your work on social media.
This are the main reasons we have listed but there are many more reasons on why you should have a website.So if you are planning of website to grow your business then fill the contact form  and get a reasonable cheap website and also FREE Domain.

How to grow your business as a Motivational Speaker, Trainer?

It is the major issue where many trainers are facing to make an impact.
So today we will be discussing some of the key points to grow your business.

1. Have your own website

In the growing digital Worls, without website there is no business for you.Everyone will first check your website, your portfolio then they move on to discuss with you.
Even if you have business card they will first check if you listed website link or not in business card. So having a WEBSITE is a must now a days.

2. Grow your audience on your social media profiles:

Growing your audience and leveraging them on your social media is must.Because without audience your trainings is of no use. So start growing your audience on your social media atleast in 2-3 profiles like Facbook and Linkedin.

3. Start a youtube channel

Starting a youtube channel is easy and very fruitful if you have done right way.You can build your brand and also get leads from Youtube.Many top notch leaders in the industry do. Why not you?

4. Conduct Local Seminars

You can conduct local seminars and events in your location. Bring an impact in your trainings and influence them. Once people like your trainings you can get hell lot of business just through word of mouth.
The trick is to FOCUS on one stategy until it is growing audience for you and bringing business.
Hope this helps. And if you feel like you want more guidance on any of these strategies like building a professional website or any of above,comment below and we will get back to you.
How to get a FREE Domain name for your business

How to get a FREE Domain name for your business?

Having a website is must now a days, and registering a domain name is the first step in starting your business online. You can get a FREE Domain for your business at free of cost. Usually, we need to register a domain for 10$ (Rs.699*) but the good news is that you can get this deal for free.
Steps to get a free domain name for your business?
Step 1: Click on this special link and Click on “Sign up now” button.
Step 2: Click on “Register a new domain” and enter the free domain for your business
Step 3: Enter the payment details and uncheck the boxes which are not mandatory.
Step 4: Finally you have registered a FREE Domain for your business at free of cost .
Now you have registered a FREE Domain for your business, now the next step is to get your business online and get a website done at a cheaper cost. Contact [email protected] and get a website at a reasonable cost.
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